Main dialog screenshot

Main dialog screenshot

CDIndexer is a little program I wrote to help me deal with the mountains of CD/DVDs I own. I have a set of CD drawers in which each slip a disc is placed in has a unique number (1-180). Now when you have 180 discs I can assure you it can be very hard to find the one you want quickly when they are filed in such a space efficient fashion.

Hence CDIndexer. CDIndexer records the CD name (eg Freelancer), CD drawer that the CD is in (eg drawer B), the index number of the CD, the CD's type (eg Game CD), and any notes that you want (eg Ryan has borrowed this). This information is saved for every CD and is completely searchable. Hence a search for "Freelancer" (or even "lance") will find my Freelancer CD and tell me exactly where it is.

The program allows you to create different databases so you can store your CDs collection separately if you so wish.

CDIndexer will also allow you to print out the list of CDs that it displays onto A4 paper, so you have a paper index even after your computer randomly explodes.

CDIndexer is written in C++ using Microsoft's MFC libraries.


Latest Version: v1.1.0
Last Updated: 2005/11/15
Platform: Windows
Size: 1.2MB
Download: EXE Installer


Creating a New Database

Once you have opened up CDIndexer, you must create a new database file to save all your data in. Go File -> New Database and save it wherever you like. You can open this database at any time by going File -> Open Database

Setting a Default Database

Usually, you only ever use one database, so you probably don't want to keep opening it manually every time you open the program. So what you can do is get CDIndexer to open it automatically for you every time the program starts. Go File -> Options and Browse for and select the database you would like to automatically open for you.

Setting CD Types

A CD Type helps you classify your CDs. Some types you might use may be: Music, Movies, Games, Programs, Data etc. Because you probably don't want to type out the same Type every time you add a CD, you can add preset types that you can select from the type drop-down box. Go Edit -> Edit CD Types and a dialog will open. On this dialog you can add types to the list using the Add CD Type text box and button. You can also remove types by selecting it in the list box and then clicking Delete Selected CD Type.

Note: Setting CD Types only adds presets to your CD Type dropdown boxes on the Add CD, Edit CD, and Search sections. You can still type whatever CD Type you like in the dropdown box and CDIndexer will accept it.

Adding CDs

Go Edit -> Add CD and a dialog will open. Here you can add CDs to your searchable list. You can put in the CD Name, CD Type, CD Drawer (the drawer that the CD is physically in. I named mine A, B, C and D), the Index Number (the index number of the CD in the drawer), and any notes (like 'Sam borrowed this CD').

Editing CDs

You can either select a CD in the list on the main dialog and go Edit -> Edit CD, or you can just double-click on it to edit it. An Edit CD dialog will open, from which you can change all the details you set when you added the CD.

Deleting CDs

You can delete CDs off the list by selecting them and going Edit -> Delete CD, or by selecting them and then simply pressing the delete key on your keyboard. WARNING: Deleting a CD cannot be undone.

Searching CDs

You can search through your list of CDs with the controls on the main dialog. Simply tick the checkboxes above the fields with which you want to search, and enter in your search parameters and press Search. The search results will display in the list box to the right.

If you ever want to look at the complete list again after a search, untick all the checkboxes, and then press Search.

The CD Name, CD Drawer, Type, and Notes searches will search in this fashion: a search for "ree" will find "Reed" or "Free" or "Freelancer", but a search for "Two Guns" will not find "Two" or "Guns" but it will find "Two Guns and a Nuke" or "Flaming Barrels, Two Guns, and a Bazooka".

Printing a List of CDs

Firstly, search for and sort the list that you want printed so that it shows in the Results list box in CDIndexer. Then simply use either the Print or Print Preview menu options under File to print. The printing function will print out exactly what is in the Results list on to an A4 sized page.

Version History


  • Printing and print previewing of the list of CDs
  • Improved sorting functionality
  • Misspelling of 'draws' to 'drawers' corrected


  • First public version